The Plateau Will Last Less Than Nine Months

What If The Plateau Lasts Nine Months?
That Plateau Feeling

The downturn has seen its worst phase. I don't think we will see an upswing right away, but I don't expect the plateau phase to last as long as the downturn phase did. And there sure will be a takeoff phase. The smartest among us will use this plateau phase to prepare for the takeoff phase.

The US and the world economy have seen much pain. But the US government and G20 took some right decisions. The takeoff was never automatic. Japan had its lost decade and is still reeling.

The US government has taken some right decisions on stimulus. But it still has not done the hard work for banking sector reform. The bankers are in for some tough love if America is to not repeat Japan's lost decade. The world can not afford America having a lost decade.

Don't tell me it is easy to borrow a few trillion from your grandchildren, but tough to show some tough love to bankers.

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