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Google Blog: Mowing with goats

Five Years Of Gmail: What Would Gsus Do?

Google gets goats in search for new lawn mowers USA Today
Google Hires Goats
Google Gets Goats to Mow Lawn at Company Headquarters
My Day With The Google Goats
Washington Post, United States Google's ever-expanding quest to go more green ...... the area was previously covered in 4-foot tall brush, but within a few days, the goats had eaten it down to basically nothing ..... These goats, which were being picked up today and transported to their next gig (at Morgan Hill), will do this field-clearing once a year for Google ....... a few of them got sick due to people feeding them flowers ....... the lack of shelter for when it was raining, and the electric fence that encircled the goats. ........ the goats did the job they were brought in for, and were very efficient in doing so.
Google Goats to clear brush Computerworld, MA
Google fields low-tech wildfire prevention: goats
Google outsources lawnmowing -- to goats, NC
Things to make you happy: Google employs goats
Google's Got Goats!
InformationWeek, NY
Google gets greener with goats
The Palmetto Scoop, South Carolina
Bleating Goats and Bleeding Hearts, NY
Google to mow greenery with goats
MINA, Canada
Grazing Goats Green Google's Grounds
GreenBiz, CA
Google hires goats as low-carbon lawnmowers
Mountain View Voice, CA
Great Green Google Goats!
xchange Magazine, AZ
Google gets its goat
IT World Canada Blogs, Canada
Google hires a goat herd, UK
Google farms out grass cutting to goats
Google Hires Goats
UberGizmo, CA
Google Uses Goats To Lawnmown Clean Back Garden
ITProPortal, UK
Google hires 200 goats to mow the lawn
NewsLite, UK
Google Hires 200 Goats to Munch their Weeds
Search Engine Journal
Google Hires Goats to Mow The Lawn
Sustainability Ninja, Canada
Despite tough economy, Google hires 200 goats
CrunchGear, NY
Google Rents Goats To Replace Lawnmowers (I'm Not Kidding), Virginia
Latest Google staffers are a herd of goats
TechRadar UK, UK
Google using goats to clear weeds at their campus
TechWhack, India
Google lowers hiring standards, now employing goats
The Inquisitr, Australia
Google Harnessing the Power of Goats to Mow the Lawn
Google Rents Goats to Replace Lawnmowers and Fertilizer
Fast Company
Google and Yahoo Both Use Goats for Lawn Mowing WebProNews, KY

Just when you thought all the buzz had shifted to Twitter, Google got goats!

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