Each Snowflake Is Unique

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Each snowflake is unique. Each human being is unique. Each sentence that comes out of human mouths is unique. The web is the best technology we have come up with yet to take snapshots of a rather uniquely unfolding humanity.

In my blog post Hunger, Vision, Money I have tried to argue that bringing the rest of the billions online makes tremendous business sense.

In Web 5.0 Is Da Bomb and related posts I have tried to argue the biggest thing that happened in our shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 is that the web got populated. And so Web 3.0 can not be about technology. Web 3.0 has to be about the human element of the web.

The web is poorer for every human being not yet online. And so it is not the semantic web that is Web 3.0. (A Web 3.0 Manifesto)

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