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NYTM Mailing List Continued Controversy


NY Tech MeetUp Mailing List Web 5.0 Controversy
NY Tech MeetUp: 02/03/09
RE: [newtech-1] Web 3.0 StartUp Seeks Round 1 Funding (2/16)I was not even aware of this dust storm. My friend James Gillmore sent
me a Facebook mail to alert me and so I came looking what the fuss
Alex Genadinik To Andy Badera: "total lol...I think this was a funnier
email than that lady who wanted to be taken off the list and didn't
know how. :)"
Andy Badera: "*wahahahaasplat* dang it, where's my monitor cleaner?" Alex. Andy is my sidekick on this show. Take it easy, or take it with
a grain of salt.
Miles Rose: "the only way to do these small rounds is to put some
money in yourself and piece out the rest to friends and family as
first rounds are always the highest risk but also the highest return"Miles. Any relation to David Rose? You are right about round 1 seeing
the best return of all rounds. I have limited family in the city, and
that is why I am trying hard to make as …

TCC: Twitter Community College

(This used to be a Google blog. Now it seems to have become a Twitter blog. It looks like it: Twitter Tips: It's A Bird, It's A Bird.)

In my last post I said I wanted to follow around 100 people, and now I find myself following 237, and I am not complaining.

This article jolted my apple cart: Twitter Professors: 18 People to Follow for a Real Time Education. I immediately proceeded to follow all 18. Then I realized this list had a media bias, as in this was like the Media Department at the TCC, for the most part. So I googled up the "top techies to follow on Twitter" and came up with a wonderful list: The 10 best techies worth following on Twitter | Between the Lines....

After all that school work, it was time for a coffee break, so I went ahead to this list: New York Top 1,000 Tweets. I decided to follow many of the attractive women on the list. Women are more likely to respond back on Twitter than on Facebook or Plenty Of Fish, I think. On Facebook, it is like, oh no,…

Twitter Tips: It's A Bird, It's A Bird

"What am I doing? I am talking to an empty telephone, because there was a dead man at the end of this fucking line!"

- Robert De Niro in Heat. thinking about connections
120 is the New 140: How to Build Relationships on Twitter
Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter
My First 7 Days on Twitter
Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs - the big three Right now, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are where it's at. Add a blog to the equation and you have the complete solution for communication with the maximum number of people.

I have been on Twitter only a few weeks (I Get Twitter), so I don't claim to be an authority, but my hunch is that Twitter is all things to all people. It is what you make it. But I think it is obvious Twitter is a fundamental internet application. Google became a verb because search is the ultimate fundamental internet application. Email is a fundamental internet application. News is basic. Facebook is a fundamental internet application. Tw…

NY Tech MeetUp Mailing List Web 5.0 Controversy


I have been active with this mailing list only since the last MeetUp (NY Tech MeetUp: 02/03/09), been barely a week, and so far I have not got into the thick of it much, but right now I logged in to look at today's daily digest, and boom, there it was splattered all over the place. Before proceeding to read all the emails, I took this screen shot. Seven of the 20 emails are about my Web 5.0 post.

I am going to read all the emails, and I am going to respond. But before that I wish to respond to an email from Michael Mellinger. (Conceptually Diligent: Web 5.0 Is Repackaging Hello)

In his last email Mike wondered if there will be a Web 6.0, and a Web 7.0.

Web 5.0 And The Speed Of Light

In physics it is said nothing in the universe moves faster than the speed of light. In my classification, Web 5.0 is the same way. There is no Web 5.1, there is no Web 6.0, there is no Web 7.0. Web 5.0 is the ultimate.

Web 5.0 Is Da Bomb
Competing For the Web 3.0 Definition
Conceptually Diligent: Web 5.…

Web 5.0 Is Da Bomb

Web 3.0 - Wikipedia technical and social possibilities identified in this latter term are yet to be fully realized the nature of defining Web 3.0 is highly speculative. In general it refers to aspects of the Internet which, though potentially possible, are not technically or practically feasible at this time.Competing For the Web 3.0 Definition
Conceptually Diligent: Web 5.0 Is Repackaging Hello
Web 5.0: Face Time
A Web 3.0 Manifesto
Defining Web 4.0

When I tried to explain to a friend the Web 5.0 concept he said, but that is like repackaging hello.

I said, but Starbucks has been repackaging coffee. But Web 5.0 is more than saying let's get offline, let's get off the phone, let's meet in person, face to face. Web 5.0 is the stuff of revolutions. Web 5.0 is about face time, but it is also about mass group dynamics, it is about tens of millions engaging in concerted street action to pull down dictatorships. It is about grassroots organizing in an established democracy to take o…

Competing For the Web 3.0 Definition

There are those who say the semantic web is the Web 3.0. I intend to argue that semantic web just adds to the dynamism of Web 2.0, and so that semantic web is Web 2.1, not Web 3.0.

Conceptually Diligent: Web 5.0 Is Repackaging Hello

There was Windows 95, and Windows 98, and Windows 2000, Windows X, Windows Vista, now they are talking up Windows 7. Those who are pushing the semantic web as the Web 3.0 are Windows slaves who don't seem to realize that Windows was about computing processes, but the Web is about people.

The central premise of my classification system is that the web is about people. Hence the top ranking goes to face time.

Web 5.0: Face Time

The web is not just about the software powering the websites. The web is also the hardware, the web is also, I dare say primarily about connectivity. AOL was an early stage Web 3.0 comany. Cisco has been a 3.0 company. Clearwire is a bold 3.0 company. AOL also was a Web 2.0 company. It popularized email and instant messaging in the US …

NY Tech MeetUp: 02/03/09

XtifyXtify Launches Platform to Revolutionize Location Based Services by Offering Location for Free on BlackBerry, Android, Windows and Symbian PhonesMobile Commons We make it easy for organizations to communicate with their audience through text messaging and mobile phones.Flixwagon With Flixwagon, you can broadcast live video from your phone to the web, keep videos for later, stream to your blog, notify your friends and more.OMGICU
PeekPeek is a super thin and stylish device that lets you take your email with you and stay connected.viaPlace enables users to view digital information at a geospatial location.Coovents find a happy hour in New York via the web or phone ... and Jeff Jarvis, introducing his new book, "What Would Google Do?" What Would Google Do? | Newsweek Technology | the fastest growing company in the history of the world ......

There is something about the Barry Diller building that gets me. It feels futuristic.
IAC 555 W. 18t…