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DGDM: Digital Development Partners

Image by The Punch Pizza via FlickrDigital Development Partners, Inc. (OTCBB: DGDM) has a flagship company:, in beta. What does YuDeal do?

You own a restaurant. You see half your tables are empty. YuDeal would allow you to reach by text message potential customers to whom you might offer 20% off should they drop by within two hours. This is real time, social networking, and advertising in one package. YuDeal is a game changing proposition. The coupon industry will not be the same ever again.

DGDM came into the YuDeal game early.

123Print: Business Cards

Image by Thomas Rockstar via FlickrIf it is time for you get a new set of business cards, go to The site can be very helpful for your business card design.

Somethings don't go away, like business cards for example. The difference between making and not making a contact could be the difference between deal or no deal. Is your business card at hand?

Has Your Debt Run Amok?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Don't get embarrassed if it has. Get help. Get your debt under control through consolidation services. Get help from those who are good at the fine art of debt negotiation. Sometimes debt consolidation can be a slippery slope that makes things worse for you. Don't fall into that trap.

But it can be done right. And it is also the right thing to do to repair your credit. Otherwise you keep working for money instead of making the money work for you.

These are hard times. Take the effort to make the right choices.

Vegas Red: Online Casino

Image by Getty Images via Daylife
For the past decade and a half we have watched pretty much everything go online. Casinos have ended up there too. Expect that trend to only accentuate. You can look forward to richer media experiences. A parallel universe that comes to mind is gaming. Gambling is like gaming. Online gambling is a sport of sorts.

I am aware of of the social baggage tied to that word gambling. But there was gambling before the web came along. The big news is not that gambling has moved online. I think those who intend to play watchdog roles should focus primarily on making it a safe experience for those who are going to indulge in it anyway.
Casino VegasGames In Vegas Red
So I like sites that offer to be portals to online casinos. They do the vetting for you. They make sure the safety standards are met. And they work hard to inform you just as they intend to entertain.

And if you don't want to lose money, play it for free. There are those kinds as well. Some really s…

Image via Wikipedia
There are a ton of casinos online. If you are one of those who has to gamble, it is best to play safe. is a portal. It is a leading resource for online gambling. It lists casinos that accept players from the US. The site also features "multi language casinos, no deposit casinos, free casino games."

The site offers reviews of casinos and rates them based on various variable. In the process the scam online casinos get weeded out. And that is good for you. Have fun. Play it safe. Be an informed player.

WildBlue Satellite Internet

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The importance of broadband in this day and age can not be exaggerated. Broadband is as basic as electricity today, for work, for pleasure, for life activities. With the satellite option, the rural urban divide goes out the window. Wild Blue Internet is available anywhere in the continental US. The price is affordable.

Dial up just does not cut it these days. If you don't have broadband speed, you are missing out. On productivity, on pleasure. You need WildBlue Internet. WildBlue Satellite Internet fills in where cable internet is not an option.

Wildblue Satellite Internet might be the solution you are looking for.

Satellite Internet In CA

Sign up today.

USA Players Online

Image by geek7 via FlickrUSA Players Welcome is an online gambling portal that welcomes players from all states in the US. If you are looking for a casino online, take a look at this one. You can find free casinos, you can find big bonus casinos. What is it that you are looking for? All the casinos listed at the portal have been reviewed and thoroughly tested. If you are going to gamble online anyways, play it safe. Don't go straight to a gambling site. Go there through a portal like this one. Playing it safe is the more fun way.

Virgin Galactic

An Open Google

Google Public Policy Blog: The Meaning Of Open

A company that has become big needs a new ethos. Google as a company will stick around for a long, long time, but it is not at all a given that Google will continue to be on the bleeding edge. Will Google Wave end up being the last bleeding edge product Google gave to the world?

The advantage Google has is that search is at the core of the internet experience, and there Google is the one with the secret sauce. And this is the Internet century.
The Meaning Of Open  Complacency is the hallmark of any closed system. If you don't have to work that hard to keep your customers, you won't.........understanding the fast-moving system better than anyone else and using that knowledge to generate better, more innovative products ........ a fast innovator and a thought leader ........ Open systems have the potential to spawn industries. ......... win based on the merits of their products and not just the brilliance of their business tactics .…

Paul Carr: Bringing Nothing To The Party



Her Morning Elegance

Volcanic Eruption 4,000 Feet Below Sea Level

Captured by undersea robot.

"Since the water pressure at that depth suppresses the violence of the volcano's explosions, we could get the underwater robot within feet of the active eruption. On land, or even in shallow water, you could never hope to get this close and see such great detail."

Panic Attack: $300 To $30 Million

"Man makes YouTube video. Goes to Hollywood. Gets pots of money and a movie deal."

Whuffie: Vamsi Sistla

Earlier I was at the first ever Whuffie MeetUp in New York City. If you are like me, you are also new to the word and concept.

Several months back I met an Indian from Canada at the NY Tech MeetUp. We exchanged cards. Recently he emailed me and introduced to Vamsi Sistla over email. I was to meet Vamsi on Wednesday. But instead he invited me to come to his first ever Whuffie MeetUp. I am glad.

Whuffie is an interesting concept. Measuring it could be grand business. Whuffie is like search, news, email. It is a basic web concept. A company that could figure out a way to really, truly measure your whuffie could make big bucks.

Whuffie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Whuffie is the ephemeral, reputation-based currency of Cory Doctorow's science fiction novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. ... 
The Whuffie Bank - Reputation is Wealth
TC50: Meet The Whuffie, A New Currency That's Based On Your Online ...
Making Whuffie

Vamsi Sistla - LinkedIn
Vamsi Sistla | Facebook
BABC 2007: Mee…

Time, Facebook Connect, And Comments

Image via CrunchBase
I just noticed now I can sign in with FacebookConnect and leave comments at the bottom of Time articles. This is quite a moment. This must be a new thing because I don't see too many comments. I must be one of the early ones.

Time: Tiger Woods' Sponsors: Will Any Stick by Him?

Now I can leave comments at Time like I have been leaving at TechCrunch. Time has been saved. Time "gets" social media. The New York Times could learn from Time. Leave social networking to Facebook. You just use Facebook Connect.

People signing in with their Facebook comments are less likely to leave comments that might need to be moderated.

Sites and blogs where I can't sign in with Twitter, Facebook or Disqus, I don't even bothering leaving comments. That is extra true of Wordpress blogs. 

[WordPress #336657]: Not Being Able To Leave Comments

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John Chow

WildBlue Satellite Internet

Image via Wikipedia
The importance of broadband in this day and age can not be exaggerated. Broadband is as basic as electricity today, for work, for pleasure, for life activities. With the satellite option, the rural urban divide goes out the window. WildBlue Internet is available anywhere in the continental US. The price is affordable.

Dial up just does not cut it these days. If you don't have broadband speed, you are missing out. On productivity, on pleasure. You need WildBlue Internet. WildBlue Satellite Internet fills in where cable internet is not an option.

Wildblue Satellite Internet might be the solution you are looking for.

Online Casino Bluebook

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Online Casino Bluebook is your free guide to online casinos. Right on the front page are the top 10 gambling sites as measured by "bonus size, payout percentage, customer service, game features, # of games, software graphics, and ease-of-use." You can go straight to one of them, or you can read detailed reviews of them and then proceed to visit their online destinations. Online gambling churns a lot of money. That attracts scamsters as much as legitimate players. It is best to play safe and go through a site like Online Casino Bluebook.

The site also takes you straight to some of the more popular games. One of them is baccarat. Another is the slots game.

Pete Cashmore

Gold Coins Gain

Image by Denis Collette...!!! via Flickr
Physical gold is back in vogue, thanks to the global economy being in bad shape. It is time to have gold IRA and gold 401k thoughts. If you want to know how to put gold in an IRA visit Gold Coins Gain.

401k gold, IRA gold is back in vogue for a reason. Don't get left out. Physical gold might be one way out of the ongoing economic turbulence.

What are your other options?

Ride out the storm the smart way.

Dennis Crowley: I Underestimated Him

Image via CrunchBase
Dennis Crowley and his gang presented FourSquare at the New York Tech MeetUp many many months back. I was not that impressed. Actually the app felt cheesy to me. But now I can see why it is being touted as the next Twitter. I met Crowley at a recent New York Tech MeetUp and told him about my initial reaction and congratulated him on his recent buzz.

You have to notice Fred Wilson is an investor in both Twitter and FourSquare. That guy can sure see trends. He spots.(Fred Wilson) Google obviously was not able to see what Fred Wilson was able to.

Om Malik: Why I Love FourSquare

And it is not just Dennis, it is also Naveen. I talked to him after their first demo at the NYTM. 

People have asked this question: If Twitter came after Facebook, what will come after Twitter? There were comics who suggested we might end up with a service that allows for only 40 characters maybe.

Ends up it is not what you can say in 140 characters. Your current location is interesting enou…

2010 Trends: Pete Cashmore's Take

Image by tedmurphy via Flickr
"....the continued spread of social media, location sharing, and InternetTV...."

Social media has not seen its full manifestations. So yeah 2010 might be bigger for social media than 2009 has been. But it was 2009 when Twitter really took off as a buzz brand. Facebook keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Facebook has figured out something basic that Twitter has not, not yet. The everyperson gets Facebook. That everyperson does not get Twitter yet. It has been more of a tech elite application. Granted that covers most of those who shape thoughts, but I would not bet my business model just on that.

FourSquare is the next Twitter, if you believe the buzz. Location sharing is the web going a little bit 3D. That is very much up my alley. I have kept arguing Web 3.0 is not the semantic web, it is the 3D web.

Our broadband pipes are going to get bigger. We will consume more video format content online. Video in real time is TV, right?

Pete Cashmore's…

Discovering Andrew Wong


Droid Does

Mashable story: TIME Names Gadget of the Year: Droid

Verizon Droid competes with the iPhone and Amazon's Kindle faces competition in the Barnes Noble product. For now the newcomers seem to have the buzz. Mashable thinks iPhone is the superior phone. TechCrunch thinks it is Droid. My bias is for Droid. I have a feeling the iPhone is the Mac and the Droid is the PC, poised for a wider adoption. We will see. 

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Google Wave For The Masses

Image via CrunchBase
Mashable just broke story saying Google Wave has now a million members and many more invites are being sent out. I say about time. Google Wave is not a whole lot of fun if all or most of your friends are not on it.

So far I have used it with very few people, very few times, and all I have done is have instant messenger like short conversations. So far I have not used the multimedia features or the document collaboration features. Or how about publishing a wave as a blog post? I think I would like that greatly.

Google Wave needs to be scaled and fast. Go for the masses. It is gift giving time.

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Finally Real Time Search From Google

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Real Time Search: Twitter Is Not Doing It

Search Come Full Circle: That Human Element

This is a moment I have been waiting for for a few months now. All tweets reside on Twitter's servers, and they still can not fathom all tweets. All Facebook updates reside on Facebook servers and Facebook still is not serving a search on Facebook updates, I thought. Let the king into the ring. Let Google do search.

Finally Google is doing it.

But this is only the first step. I don't want to be able to search the here and now. Actually the archives of tweets and Facebook updates are of greater interest to me. Help me see all sorts of patterns. Dig into the archives and display in many different ways.

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