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Apple's Mobile Space: Sizzling

Granted Apple did not invent the mobile space or the digital music space like it invented the Personal Computer space, but it has done a very good job of reinventing. You could argue Microsoft was not first with word processing, spreadsheets and operating systems, but it did a slam dunk job of defining and totally taking over that space, the PC software space.

It is interesting to me how Apple has so reinvented itself. The creative genius of Steve Jobs has been at play. You could argue Yahoo did not perform a similar second act. Maybe Yang made the big mistake of making someone else the CEO for a few years. Also Yang never declared that Google won the search war like Jobs declared Microsoft won the PC war, that war is over, he said upon taking back the helm at Apple in the late 1990s. But then it is hard to see many directions that Yahoo could go right now. How would it differentiate? Or has it become an old, tired company?

But Apple continues to be at the high end market. It sells its …