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Microsoft, Google, Facebook: NY Tech MeetUp Has Arrived

The November NY Tech MeetUp had shifted to a new location. This place was fancy. This was Diller country. There was this huge screen. The demos could be seen on three screens within that huge screen.

There was this other huge screen when you first stepped in. Looks like the building hosts a few different companies. Or are they all owned by Diller? The first display was for There was this huge globe that showed where all its page hits were coming from.

Page hits are all the rage all over again, but this time that is less fluffy because ad models are tied to page hits. If nothing else, you can always add Google ads to your page.

I think one thing that goes kind of unnoticed is how good Scott is in doing presentations himself. He is comfortable, succint, funny. He is a non techie in the tech field. He brings a lot of the soft skills to the table. And the dude is now even rich after his share of hits and misses in the roaring 90s.

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