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Google: Free, Wireless Internet Access, Pay Per View Video

These are two killer ideas only Google could really do.

Google is king of search. And it is that search algorithm that allowed it to roll out its hugely profitable ad regime. It has changed the structure of the business.

Now instead of standing on search, and reaching out to the ad business, let Google stand on the ad business, and reach out to the idea of free, wireless internet access. This would be a huge leap, and Google's revenue would jump by a large margin.

Somebody had to do it. It might as well be Google.

Paying for internet access is a stupid proposition. It is a waste of society's resources.

Paying to talk to someone is also another stupid idea. Once you have a city bathed in free, wireless broadband, it is only a small step from there to someone launching the little hardware and software that will turn phone calls free.

Time is money. Phone calls are not money. People should have to think if they want to spend that time on that phone call. Money should be a non issue.