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Have you tried to go through the books? They have tried their best to give you the "book" experience. You turn over the page. The dirty white look is there. The whole nine yards.

I understand these are books only available in print format. So you are doing the best you can, fine. But if you can scan the words, maybe you can present them like regular webpages.

Or maybe have two versions. One would be what you have. Another would be for new authors, new books. Say you are an author, and you wrote a college textbook for Physics 101. You don't want to go to any publisher. Instead you want it directly published online. Instead of a blog, you have a book. So the presentation will have to be different. I mean, you can tweak the current blog templates, and you can alread do that, but it is still too tech-heavy, not still author friendly.

An author should be able to sign up and publish easy. The process should be as simple as possible, with as few steps as …


The PC market is not as sexy as it used to be, both on the hardware and the software end. A Windows release does not carry the same excitement. Many of the Office products can be had for free online these days. If there is no large scale migration yet, the online products still need polishing up, and businesses are reluctant to let go. And there is sheer inertia. And like a Microsoft top dog said recently, you can't do video editing online. There are things that will stay on the PC, no matter how fast your internet connection. I doubt that claim will hold at substantially higher speeds though.

The hardware has also been sluggish. It has become a mature industry. Dell is not the razmatazz name it used to be.

There is only so much innovation and inundation possible within a set paradigm. Like Larry Ellison once said, the software industry will morph into something akin to what the utility companies are like today.

It is not exactly a dud, to be sure. Things are still happening. We will…

Carly Fiorina: The Academy Awards Of Business: Photos


Carly Fiorina: "The Academy Awards Of Business"

Carly Fiorina: "The Academy Awards Of Business"

For Immediate Release Contact: Alanna Zahn 212-219-7735

Executive Council of New York to Ring the NASDAQ Stock Market ...
2006 Ten Awards, Executive Council of New York
Executive Council of New York Announces 2006 Ten Awards Finalists

2006 Ten Awards, Executive Council of New York

Hundreds of influential business leaders to gather to honor industry innovators
Cushman & Wakefield gala corporate host sponsor

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New York, NY, October 17, 2006 – The Executive Council of New York, the premier business forum for networking and leadership education, today announced the finalists for the New York Ten Awards™, an annual selection of ten companies and individuals in the greater New York business community that display extraordinary innovation and leadership in their industry and beyond.